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Store FAQ

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  • Will this store only sell products from Clash of Clans?

    For now, yes, but we will be adding more games in the future.

  • How do I connect Clash of Clans to Supercell ID?

    You can connect your account to Supercell ID from the settings. Detailed instructions can be found [[here,, _blank]].

  • Can I buy products from this store in the apps?

    Yes, you can. The Gold Pass is also available for purchase in the game.

  • How can I donate a Gold Pass to my friend?

    You can donate a Gold Pass to your Supercell ID friends in the game from the Supercell ID menu. Detailed instructions [[here, help, guide]].

  • Can I buy products on the Supercell Store and use them in-game?

    Yes! All of your purchases are available in the game on all platforms.

Checkout & Payment

  • I can’t complete my purchase.

    Make sure you have sufficient funds available on your selected payment method, or try a different payment method. If the problem persists, contact your bank or the issuer of your payment method.

  • Creator boost code is not accepted.

    Check with the creator one more time and make sure that the code is typed in exactly as it has been given to him, her or them. It's not case sensitive, but all the characters need to be in the right order!

  • What are the supported payment methods in the Store?

    Supported payment methods depend on your country. In addition to some local payment methods, credit cards and PayPal are generally supported in all countries.

  • I don't see my purchased product in the game.

    Make sure you are logged-in to the game with the same Supercell ID account that you used to make the purchase. If the purchase is still not visible, contact support via

  • Where do I find my purchase history?

    You can find your purchase history on the "Profile" page. First, login using your Supercell ID account, then click on your email address on the top right corner of the page.

  • I've seen another site that offers me products for Supercell games. Can I buy them?

    This website is the only authorised place to make purchases for Clash of Clans. We do not support purchasing from any other website.


  • My friend didn’t receive the Gold pass I donated him.

    To troubleshoot the issue and contact support if needed please refer to the Supercell Support website: [[,, _blank]].

  • I bought more items and received fewer items in-game.

    To troubleshoot the issue and contact support if needed please refer to the Supercell Support website: [[,, _blank]]

  • How can I redeem the purchased items in-game?

    The Gold Pass can be activated from the Supercell ID screen. To open Supercell ID, tap the "Settings" icon, then the "Connected" text.


  • Can I receive a receipt on the purchase from Supercell Store?

    Yes. We will send a receipt of all you purchases to the email you used to signup for Supercell ID.

  • I bought items for the wrong Clash of Clans account.

    Please contact support via this website: [[,, _blank]]


  • My child accidentally made an in-app purchase. Can I get a refund?

    Please contact support via this website: [[,, _blank]]

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To get further support, please log in with your Supercell ID.

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