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  • Some items such as the passes are stored in your Supercell ID. You can see it in the in-game Settings. You can also see your items on the “Account” page of the Supercell Store. Note that some items, such as Gems and Diamonds are added instantly to your game account.

  • Some of the items require that your game account is for example high enough level before you can buy them. Also, if your game account is for example banned, you won’t be able to buy anything for that account. If you keep getting this message, please contact Support.
  • You can connect to Supercell ID via the game's settings or menu. Detailed instructions can be found here.
  • Yes! All of your purchases are available in the game on all platforms.

  • You can donate a pass to your Supercell ID friends via the in-game Supercell ID menu. Detailed instructions can be found here.
  • No, you can activate it when you want. Open Supercell ID in the game to access your inventory.

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Sharing passes with friends is easy!

  • donation-step-1

    Step 1

    Open the game and go to Supercell ID in settings.

  • donation-step-2

    Step 2

    Choose the friend you want to give a pass to. Please note that passes can't be donated to Young Player accounts.

  • donation-step-3

    Step 3

    Tap Donate and you are done! Your friend still has to accept your gift in their game.