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3 x Gold Passes

Gold Pass Bundle

11.99 €

3 x Gold Passes Gold Pass Bundle


1 x Gold Pass

Gold Pass

4.99 €

1 x Gold Pass Gold Pass

Why get a bundle?

Excellent Rewards in each Gold Pass

There are so many cool extras that come with a Gold Pass. Itching for a new skin? You got it. Gem donations? Absolutely. Check out all the rewards that come with the Gold Pass.

Get 3 Gold Passes at a special price

This exclusive offer is only available to our Supercell ID players and only right here. Still need a Supercell ID account? It's easy to sign up in any of our games. [[Click here,, _blank]] for more info.

Plus an extra 500 Gems

As a little cherry on top, we're giving you an extra 500 Gems if you purchase a bundle. Now go treat yourself to that thing you've been thinking about.

Donate it or keep it

Yes, you heard it. Donate season passes! Only made possible through the Supercell Store. Either you enjoy three months of boosted gameplay yourself or spread the fun with friends. If you're torn, keep two and share one -- it will be our little secret. Wondering how to donate? Click [[here, help, guide]].

What do you get with a Gold Pass?

Throughout the season, progress your way through the Gold Pass rewards, including Hero skins and progression boosts plus an upgrade to your Season Bank levels.

Store FAQ

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