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New to the store? How fun! Here at Supercell, we've created a new way to offer the best deals for in-game products to our players. Buy and share game passes with your old friends or donate them to new ones. Reward a newbie or give yourself an extra long boost.

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This is Supercell's official online marketplace to buy in-game products. We have made extensive efforts to ensure that your payment info is safe and secure and you can rest assured that the purchases are legit. Want to know more? Check out our Safe and Fair Play Policy.


Store FAQ

Have we left you with some burning questions? We hope not, but here is some more in-depth information that you may be looking for.

  • You can connect to Supercell ID via the game's settings or menu. Detailed instructions can be found here.
  • You can donate a pass to your Supercell ID friends via the in-game Supercell ID menu. Detailed instructions can be found here.
  • Some of the items require that your game account is for example high enough level before you can buy them. Also, if your game account is for example banned, you won’t be able to buy anything for that account. If you keep getting this message, please contact Support.